Bulgaria trough my eyes

First of all, I want to say thanks for the great opportunity that I could travel to Bulgaria.

Our long and exhausting coach journey was the good beginning of an unforgettable experience. With the project I could make new friends and I got to know the culture of an other country and saw how they live. A thing that I must say that the bulgarian kitchen is perfect and I loved every food I tasted. Okay, I must admit, that I am a real food-lover so I love to try new things.

Another point worth mentioning is that I really appreciated the friendly being of my host family. They did everything for me. The communication was a little bit hard but if we really want something, nothing can be a problem.

Do not forget to say: bulgarian landscapes are beautiful and I also liked the sightseeing days. Being a tourist in an other country is so cool. I loved the atmosphere of the cities we visited.

To sum up, my time in Bulgaria is something I will never forget, it was so good, and I hope we will meet again with the people I got to know.

By Eszter Pogány.


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