Széchenyi István Szakközépiskola és Gimnázium which was in Százhalombatta

In this mobility the Nature Detectives stayed in the high school called Széchenyi István Szakközépiskola és Gimnázium which was in Százhalombatta, an hungarian town near Budapest. It has been such a great experience not only for the students but also for the teachers.

We’ve visited different places in Budapest like the Parlament where we could learn lots of things thanks to the tourist guide who explained to us the history of this amazing and beautiful building. Also we enjoyed the stunning views of the city’s landmarks when we walked around the Citadella and the Fisherman Bastion.
It is worth mentioning that we had the chance to visit the Mol Danube Refinery where we could understand the process to obtain petroleum, diesel or clean water.
Thanks to all the activities that we have done and the places that we have visited we have realised how they take care of the environment not only trying to protect it but also making the most of the nature using lots of natural sources such as solar panels.
We all will remember this amazing country, its traditional cuisine like Goulash soup, the hospitality of its inhabitants, its culture and its care into the environment.
It has been shown that it has been an unforgettable experience which has been possible due to the great host-families, the involved teachers and the hard work that all people have done but specially the Hungarian team reason why we are so thankful with them.