Erasmus+ Vivien Nagy

My name is Vivien Nagy, and I am 16 years old. My trip started 8th October and it finished 15th October. The weather was cold and rainy, but we got wonderful memories after all.

My hoster was Maria, she has a younger sister.She taught many words to me in Romanian, and I was ate from their traditional foods. I was first into an adventure park, which was very exciting and interesting. I  recognised other nations culture.My holiday was very interesting,and enjoyable.

Vivien Nagy

One week in Romania

 My name is Tímea Mészárosová. I`m 17 years old from Slovakia.

My hoster was Paula. We made a good friendship before the journey, because we got to know each other on facebook, so I had hardly waited it. Altought we had a very bad weather, it was an amazing week. We had a lot of programs, so we were not bored. She and her family was very kind  with me. They told me a lot about romanians traditions and habits, and I could also taste a traditional romanian food. I think this project was very interesting and instructive, because we had saw not only the beauties of Romania, but also we had learnt a lot about  the invasive species. I liked the most the feromon traps. We visited also nice places, for example like the salt mine or we could see also the famous black pottery. It was a fantastic week. I`m so glad, because I made not only new friendships, but  I had also lot new learnt about Romania and the invasive spieces. Paula and I are already talking about the next meeting. I hope, that one day I will meet again with the other participians of the project.